Location Scouting & Contract Negotiating

In consultation with you, Buro de Koo helps you to find the right location bij simply listening to your wishes and objectives.

If you would like to use a meeting or event as a marketing tool much thought is undoubtably given to the content and how you would like to bring over the message. In addition, it is also important to stimulate the participants with the right surroundings. The right surroundings will guarantee that the event impresses the participants so that the content is really retained. “Make it stick!” The content is paramount, but the right location absolutely contributes to the total success and impact of the event.

Should you already have an idea about a possibly suitable location but do not have the time yourself to visit the venue, then Buro de Koo can also be your eyes and ears to ensure that this is actually the right venue for your event.

In addition, Buro de Koo can assist you with the negotiations for, and confirmation of, the venue. There is always room for negotiating. If it is not the price, then it is definitely in the delivery conditions.