Tour leader

You have prepared for your trip yourself and thought about everything. From that moment on you can do what you are best at. Experience all the aspects of your trip together with your guests, instead of having to break off a good discussion, that one lead, or a valuable one-on-one with your co-worker/colleague. Buro de Koo offers you a care-free trip.

Do you need to have someone on board who is experienced in the smooth running of an incentive, congress or multi-day meeting? Someone who, with a well-prepared trip plan in hand, checks and double-checks again?

Buro de Koo is there to give you the required support and is also just that one step ahead in the trip schedule to make sure your guest gets precisely what has been agreed upon; plus, a little bit more.

Buro de Koo can also act as a tour leader under the auspices of another organization. Together with a local agent Buro de Koo, as tour leader, is responsible for the logistic and organizational aspects such as:

• Ensuring good execution of the program
• Guidance
• Cooperating with local agents, guides and chauffeurs
• Offering help and support in the event of an emergency

Buro de Koo takes care of your trip from the start to finish so that you and your travelling party get the maximum benefit from the program. If you do not have the time to create such a program, then Buro de Koo can take the complete organization process out of your hands.