Do you want to organize a meeting, kick-off or business get-together? Buro de Koo is a creative and experienced boutique planner with surprising angles and no-nonsense ideas which helps to create the right dynamic for a constructive discussion leading to changes in your organization.

Listening to and watching day-long, sleep inducing, PowerPoint presentations is no longer of this era. “Interactive” is the current motto. Today’s era is dominated by social media and audio/visual, technical ingenuity. Photos, one-liners and film clips scream within minutes via Instagram and communal space to Tokyo, Sao Paulo and Los Angeles.

Everyone can watch and share opinions. The organization of a meeting does not mean one-way communication traffic between manager/speaker and their audience. A beamer and screen are simply no longer good enough. It is, therefore, important to anticipate this when selecting challenging subjects and speakers.

Buro de Koo customizes everything. Are you curious as to what Buro de Koo can do for you? Let us by all means contact one another.